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How to Prevent Vehicle Damage from Cold Weather

Heads up:  AVOID Cold-Temp Vehicle Damage! 

Cold temperatures cause the fluids in your vehicle to thicken, which reduces their ability to lubricate. If you've ever seen that Thanksgiving gravy turn into "glop" when you put it the refrigerator, then you get the basic idea.  When it's warm, gravy flows; when it's cold... no go!
Here are a few tips to avoid cold weather issues with your car:

1. Drive slowly for the first few minutes, so your vehicle has a chance to reach normal operating temps and fluids start flowing & lubricating as they should.

2. We know what you're thinking, but NO!  DO NOT let your car idle for long periods of time.  We like a toasty passenger compartment, too, but idling runs your engine rich which could damage your catalytic converter (a potentially expensive repair in its own right).  It also wastes expensive fuel & gets you nowhere.

3.  But even more - Idling can also damage the internal components of your engine.  Some transmissions won't circulate the Automatic Transmission Fluid until you place the shifter into "Drive."  That means the internal transmission components are spinning & spinning without any lubrication!  Not good. Not. Good. {Really not good, got it? NO IDLING!}

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